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Embracing Home- My Journey

If you missed the introduction to this series, go here to read about it. We bought our first home 4 years ago during a crazy season of life. My husband had just finished nursing school, started his new job and we had just had our first son. When we first moved in, all we did was paint the nursery. We didn't have time for much else.  I remember at some point during our first year, after the newborn fog was lifting a little, I made a list of everything I would love to fix and change in our home. My list included things like painting, replacing cabinets in the kitchen, ripping up the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors underneath,...

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Embracing Home- Series Intro

One of my desires in creating art for others' homes is to not only add beauty, but to create pieces that are meaningful, encouraging, and that help celebrate and tell others' stories.  This inspired me to create a blog series about the journey of creating the spaces In our homes. My word for the year has been 'embrace'. I struggle with discontentment and comparison and so this year I wanted to grow in embracing my season of life and what I have.  This blog will be focusing on the idea of embracing what we have and being creative with it vs. discontentment and comparison.  I am going to share about how our home has evolved and how we try to...

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Custom Orders

I love doing custom orders! I love hearing your stories about why certain quotes/lyrics/verses are meaningful to you and I love creating pieces that help celebrate and tell your stories!  I have had lots of questions about custom orders and so I wanted to walk you through what all is involved when you order something custom from Field and Forest Design so that you know what to expect.   Step 1. INQUIRE Send an email to or send a message through my website via the contact page. Some people know exactly what they want and are very specific on size, design, colors, etc. Others just know what words they want on the sign but don't have any sort of vision...

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