“So many things in our world are beautiful but didn’t need to be. God chose to make them that way so he might arrest his people by their senses to awaken us from the slumbering economy of pragmatism. That awakening is a vital function of beauty. This is the gift of beauty from an artist to their community – to awaken our senses to the world as God made it and to awaken our senses to God himself.” -R. Ramsey


Hello and welcome!

I'm Lindsey and I am an illustrator, painter, printmaker and designer. I’m married to a wonderful man from Kentucky (he’s very proud of this) and we have 2 boys. I’m from North Carolina but we currently live in a 1902 farmhouse in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. 

Field and Forest Design started in 2013 as a combination of a creative outlet and a need to raise funds to adopt our son from China. It has grown into a small art business based out of our home. 

My art is inspired by colors and patterns found in nature. One of my visions is to create art that helps you to connect with nature and to see beauty where you are. In the ordinary and everyday. In a world that can be so dark, beauty can still be found everywhere and that beauty and light can inspire hope and joy in all of us. 

 I’m  proud to share that 10% of your purchase goes to Love Without Boundaries and Show Hope