Embracing Home: Small Spaces

This month, in the Embracing Home series, I am talking about small spaces. Whether you live in an apartment or have a smaller home, this one is for you. 
I have struggled at times in embracing the size of our home. A little over a year ago I was so discontent and ready to move. But I have since had a change of heart and absolutely love where we live. We have great neighbors, we are within walking distance of the Falls of the Ohio which we go to multiple times a week, and our home really does have lots of great qualities. 
So what changed? A big part of my struggle was comparison. You know, that thief of joy? I would see these big spacious homes on the internet and wanted more. In my mind it seemed like everyone else had more and I wanted more too. But then I was inspired by a photographer that I follow on Instagram. Her home is a little less than 800 square feet but she has embraced it and it is full of such character and charm. I was inspired by the way that she embraced and made the most of it. It inspired me to do the same and embrace the gifts that we have here. 
(Photos by Kristin Rogers)
To help you embrace your space, I have come up with some tips to make the most it.
A little inspiration for you:
Our limitations can cause us to be frustrated OR they can challenge us to grow in our creativity!
I hope these tips help challenge and encourage you!
Something that I have struggled with but now embrace is that there just isn't a ton of room for unnecessary stuff. Smaller spaces force you to decide between a cluttered home or simplifying/not buying stuff that you don't need. There is also less space to clean! Always a plus.
Lots of clutter can make a small space seem smaller. Keep things simple.
We try to go through toys about twice a year and give away the ones that haven't been played with. This helps with toy clutter. I also like to go through our closets and give away things we haven't been wearing. The No Brainer Wardrobe was a great tool to help me to simplify my closet.
Another clutter factor for me is that I love buying wall art but I have had to watch how much I hang so that our walls aren't super cluttered. One thing that helps me with this are galley walls. I can put a collection of photos and art in one space. I have a simple tutorial on creating gallery walls here
Looking Up
Get creative when it comes to finding extra storage in your space. Is there space above any doors for room for shelving?  Take a look in your closet. Is there wasted space above your clothes rack? There's just almost always some high spot you can take advantage of when you really take a look at your small space. Shelves are your friend! 
Double purpose
Those ottomans that open up and double as storage are a great example of this.  Use an old chest as a coffee table and as storage. We have a tv stand that has doors on it so it doubles as a great way to store toys out of sight and helps our living room feel decluttered. 
Another way to optimize space is having a room that serves more than one purpose. We have a mud room in the back of our house. It where our washer and dryer are and it is also my 'office space'. This might not be ideal for everyone but it works for me. I don't paint back there but it is a place I store art, important documents and supplies. 
Photos via Apartmenttherapy.com
If you need more inspiration and ideas, this website has lots of inspiring small spaces. 
Have you own own creative ways you have made the most of your space? I would love to hear them!


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