Embracing Home- Series Intro

One of my desires in creating art for others' homes is to not only add beauty, but to create pieces that are meaningful, encouraging, and that help celebrate and tell others' stories. 
This inspired me to create a blog series about the journey of creating the spaces In our homes.
My word for the year has been 'embrace'. I struggle with discontentment and comparison and so this year I wanted to grow in embracing my season of life and what I have.  This blog will be focusing on the idea of embracing what we have and being creative with it vs. discontentment and comparison.  I am going to share about how our home has evolved and how we try to create meaningful and functional spaces on a budget and in a smaller space.
Be warned, our home is a work in progress. This won't be a blog about a complete renovation but about using what you have and slowly creating a meaningful space as things come into your life and as a budget allows. For me, creating the place we call home has been a journey and is one that I am still on. 
My hope is that this series will encourage and inspire you! 
Topics that I hope to talk about are:
-How to decorate on a budget (over time, as the budget allows)
-Simple, low cost ways to add character to your home
-Creating functional spaces for kids that don't drive you insane
-Being creative with what you have (things, space) vs going out and spending a fortune
- Some creative DIY projects
-Embracing what we have and finding contentment there
 I am also going to be having some guest blog posts so that you will get to see a variety of homes. Style varies from person to person so I am hoping this will give you more rounded ideas and inspiration. I am excited about this series and hope that it inspires you to slow down a little, embrace where you are and find ways to make your home more intentional, meaningful and beautiful!
Click here to read an introduction to my personal journey
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