New Maple Collection // Little By Little

I'm introducing the fourth piece in my new Maple Collection today. Each day this week I am introducing a new piece and they will all be available to purchase starting on Monday, August 15. 
'Little by little, one travels far'  -J.R.R. Tolkien
I think this quote can have multiple meanings. You can interpret it as literally traveling or as growing/traveling far in the journey of life. I like the latter.
This quote has been and encouragement to me over the past year. We brought our son home from China last November and it has been a beautiful but long journey.. He has some special needs that make some things more difficult.  It has also been a long journey as we as strangers learn to love and trust each other and form a family. Sometimes it can seem as though we are still struggling with the same things and nothing has changed.
I think what I would often like is a huge, drastic, overnight change. But so often that is just not how life happens. We change and grow 'little by little'.
In our family we have been trying to celebrate and make a big deal out of the little growths because 'Little by little, one travels far'. We still have a long way to go but I have had the amazing privilege of being able to see just how far we have come. 
For this piece, I transferred and image of a vintage map onto the wood. The process I use 'prints' the image onto the wood and you can see some of the wood grain through the map. I then hand lettered the quote over the map. 

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