New Maple Collection // You & Me

I am so excited to release my new collection of wood signs this week! I have previously come out with one sign at a time as I come up with new ideas. This time I will be releasing 7 new pieces all at once!

I am calling it the Maple Collection. Here is a little backstory on it:

All of the wood that I use is reclaimed. It is scrap wood from a furniture company. I have been collecting it for a few years. It is a mixture of Cherry, Maple, and Alder wood. Up until now, I have only been using Cherry and Alder because they stain darker which contrasts better with my lettering.

As time went on, my Cherry and Alder collection of wood has been decreasing and I have a lot of Maple that I didn't know what to do with. I wanted to find a way to use the Maple and not just toss it out. This caused me to have to get more creative and break away from my usual style which was challenging and fun. 

In this collection, I have one piece that I painted white and another that I transferred a map image onto. I love how they turned out. But, I also really love being able to see the wood grain in my pieces. I love the natural beauty and uniqueness of each piece. So I experimented and came up with some designs on the raw Maple wood.

I hope you love them! They were designed with you in mind! I actually asked for your help on Instagram and took some of the suggestions and incorporated them into these pieces. 

This week I will be revealing them slowly each day and letting you in on the story behind each piece. 


Today, I am sharing about the 'You & Me' piece.  

Originally, this was just going to be an Ampersand piece. The Ampersand is the '&' sign. I love the curves, flow and simplicity of the Ampersand and wanted to design it for one of my raw wood pieces. 

I also wanted others to connect with the piece and I know that not everyone is a lettering/typography nerd like me. So I added the 'you' and 'me' 

This piece will be released next Monday, August 15 along with the other pieces. I'm excited to announce that it will be customizable to fit your desires. You can customize the two colors inside the Ampersand and you will be able to add a date at the bottom if you like. 



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