Giving Back

Can I be honest? I struggle with giving. It isn't something that I naturally want to do but it is something that I recognize and want to grow in.

When I started Field and Forest Design, 100% of the profits went towards adopting our son and bringing him home from China. Once we brought him home I wanted to use a percentage of the profit to give in some way. But as soon as I had the thought I also had doubts and my hands began to close. Our son would need therapies and surgeries down the road. And what if our old car broke down? Oh and we could really use the extra money for X,Y and Z. 

There will always be a reason to not give. Always a reason to grasp my hands tightly rather than opening them up to give. So I acknowledged this and decided to stop finding reasons not to give.

Last December I decided to give a percentage of our profits to Love Without Boundaries. This organization is so close to my heart. They funded our son's surgeries in China and cared for him before we even knew him. I cannot express the overwhelming gratitude this mama has for this organization that quite possibly saved my son's life. 

Our son being cared for post-surgery through LWB.

Through their giving site you can choose a sponsor a child or give to one of their other funds (medical, food program, healing homes, foster care) If you choose to sponsor a child, once you give you receive updates on the child. I saw a little girl from the same Province as our son. She had a cleft lip and was struggling to gain weight. At 5 months old she weighed 5 pounds.

The past year I have received updates and it has been amazing to get to pray for her and watch her grow. She received her cleft surgery in April and I got to see updates on her progress. It is said that in giving, we receive. I have received so much joy in playing a small part in this little girl's journey! I would have missed out on all of this had I chosen to not be generous with what I have been blessed with. 

If you are like me and struggle to give, remember that it will never be the 'right' time. There will always be something you could want or need for yourself.

Also, don't just do it from a place of guilt or obligation. Find an organization that connects with your heart. What problems do you want to be solved? What cause/group/country do you have a passion for? Or maybe it's not an organization but someone that you know personally that you want to give to. 

I hope this blog encourages you and ignites a passion to be generous with what you have. 



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