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I love doing custom orders! I love hearing your stories about why certain quotes/lyrics/verses are meaningful to you and I love creating pieces that help celebrate and tell your stories! 

I have had lots of questions about custom orders and so I wanted to walk you through what all is involved when you order something custom from Field and Forest Design so that you know what to expect.



Send an email to or send a message through my website via the contact page.

Some people know exactly what they want and are very specific on size, design, colors, etc. Others just know what words they want on the sign but don't have any sort of vision yet for the sign. Both of these are fine. Just let me know as many or as little details as you want.

I will email you back any questions I may have and a price quote. Once we have talked over a few of the details and you confirm, I will set up a custom listing for you in the shop or send you a Paypal invoice (whichever you prefer). 

Here is an example of a text conversation about a custom order. I usually communicate via email vs text message. This was for a friend though so we texted. 



If you know exactly what you want I will send you a rough sketch of your piece to have you approve it before I paint it.

If you don't know exactly what you want I will send you a few sketch ideas for you to choose from. 

From there you can let me know if you love it, hate it, want to combine ideas/designs, etc. I will adjust your design to get it just the way you want it. 


Here is another example of some sketches I did for a custom order where she wasn't sure of an exact design. She gave me the song lyric and said she wanted an anchor, a sun, blues and whimsy. She ended up choosing the last sketch which was my favorite too! 

Keep in mind that the initial rough sketch is suppose to give you an image of a possible layout for your piece. Once we get your design narrowed down and figured out, then I go in and perfect the lettering and make sure everything is centered and looks great!  


Step 3. PAINT

Once you have approved your design, I will go in and adjust the details to perfect the lettering. After everything looks just right, I will paint your sign and then ship it once it is complete. 

I usually need 1-2 weeks for custom orders. It is possible to have them ready sooner depending on the season. Custom orders in November and December are almost impossible because of Christmas so be sure to order anything well in advance for the holidays. 

Here are the completed pieces from the sketches above and some examples of custom orders I have done in the past:




I would love to create a piece for you! Contact us and let's work on something together that celebrates and tells your story! 




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